Timbaland Wants To Work With Lady Gaga

Timbaland fans have asked for a collaboration with Lady Gaga, and he immediately thought how to make a song with the famous singer. Already familiar with social the networks, the artist went on Twitter, where he briefed his fans with the future plans, a collaboration with Lady Gaga in one of his songs for his forthcoming album.

“I have a song and think about her (Lady Gaga), but do not know yet. I have to see how my schedule is and how her schedule is and we have to meet somehow. But certainly I want to do a song with Lady Gaga. She is very talented.

So, now I’m working on it. YES, I want to work with Lady Gaga for the next album. ” says Timbaland.

Currently, Timbaland is working on the fourth album “SV3″ which will be launched in 2011 and which, according to artist, will also include collaboration with Lady Gaga.

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