DreamOfGaga & Gaga’s team, support the Fast & Furious Remake, in Athens.

It isn’t news, that Lady Gaga has proved (and not only once) her charity spirit, her passion for humanity and social help. In this sense, we at Dream Of Gaga – (Lady Gaga Team), support the highly anticipated upcoming festival for good cause, which will be held in ‘Building 56, Ellinikos Kosmos, Pireos 254, Athens’, during the days 20-22 of October.
We are calling all Greek Little Monsters, to join the cause, to follow the exciting full program, as it contains not only drift shows by cars and their relative gallery, but a lot of music! Music shows, by some well known DJs, Rappers & Mainstream Singers of Greece.
It has also been announced, that Lady Gaga’s nominated openning act for her concert in Greece back in 2014, the vocalist SCAL, is about to perform there, along with other artists, as said above.