Lady Gaga In “TUDOR” Watch Commercial.

Lady Gaga stars in the brand new commercial of luxury watches brand Tudor. Tudor’s new campaign to promote their new collection of “Black Bay” watches us called “Born to Dare”. And “Born to Dare” is precisely what inspired the commercial below. It sees “classy” Lady Gaga going on a piano battle against “rebellious” Lady Gaga. […]


Lady Gaga’s exclusive Gaga•UO•Joanne collection is coming to Urban Outfitters this Friday. The all-new collection of limited edition Joanne merch will be available in all North American stores on May 19 at 5pm local time and select European Urban Outfitters stores on May 22, along with a digital launch on May 22. Celebrate the launch […]

Lady Gaga Comments On Her Best Yet TV Impersonation.

During the broadcast of the well known TV show 'Your Face Sounds Familiar' but in Greece, which aired last Sunday 15/5, a Lady Gaga impersonation took place, as the special guest star of the night. The singer who was invited to impersonate Mother Monster, was the singer & songwriter Melina Makris (singer of the very popular […]

Lady Gaga’s, Childhood Piano Can Be Yours!

Lady Gaga’s first piano will be on the auction block May 21 at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York, as part of the Music Icons auction from Julien’s Auctions. The instrument, on which the “Born This Way” singer wrote her first song when she was five years old, was previously on display at the […]

Lady Gaga’s Impressive Ballet Skills #GAGABALLET

She’s an expert when it comes to performing energetic dance moves for her stage shows. But Lady Gaga proved she’s still a keen learner as she showed off some new ballet moves – including two careful pirouettes – in a video she posted on Tuesday. In the short Instagram clip Mother Monster can be seen gliding […]

Lady Gaga – петата най-продавана певица в Япония

Само след шестгодишна кариера, Лейди Гага, заема петата позиция за най-продавана световна певица в Япония, споделяйки чарта с легенди като Мадона, Селин Дион, Марая Кери, и канадаската певица Аврил Лавин. На фен базата е известно, че японските чудовища винаги са били в огромна подкрепа на Гага, още от началото на кариерата ѝ. Съдим по това за: […]