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Dream Of GaGa is giving you a chance to submit a question for our upcoming Q&A post with JEY|GAGA Lady Gaga’s official impersonator (from Chile) and friend! JEY|GAGA is the first and only woman who is well known for her look 'alike-ness' of GaGa.Jey GaGa was the winner of Billboard's contest 'Win A Trip To Las Vegas And See Lady GaGa Live In Concert' .She has met Lady|GaGa ,taken a picture with her, as well as given her a gift on stage too!Jey was also photoshooted for Rolling Stone magazine (Chile version) about one year ago while she is still giving GAGA shows through couple of recognized clubs-pubs through Chile!Finally,Jey has more than 15,000 fans on Facebook loving her and more than 160,000 hits on her official Youtube channel…

We will be accepting questions through July 22th. To participate, simply post your question (after you log in any network) using the fan chatter (question box) below. Jey|GaGa will personally pick and answer some of the best and most interesting ones in the exclusive Q&A, which will be in some weeks.End-Time of questions to be announced soon.

EXCLUSIVE: DreamOfGaga.com interviews Lady Gagita

Dream of Gaga is honoured to exclusively interview Lady Gagita from the Philippines. Gagita has been producing amazing parody videos of Gaga's past and present hits, ranging from "Bad Romance" to her upcoming, "Judas". His "Telephone" parody was what made Gagita famous, but he prefers dubbing his latest video for "Born This Way" his favourite. Gagita is extremely popular over various social networks, including Twitter and Facebook. His "Telephone" video previously garnered over 1,800,000 views and was featured on YouTube (Though it was taken down shortly due to copyright issues).

Below, we have posted a 4-question interview with Gagita herself about her videos and how she handles the fame she's gained over her videos.

What inspired you to make parodies to Lady Gaga videos?

-My dreams and Lady Gaga inspired me to make parodies. I have this vision of being a star someday, and all those vision had come true. Lady Gaga helped me a lot, because of her all my dreams have come true.

How long does each video take to make?

-It takes a week for me to make the costumes, a week to shoot the video and a week to edit all the footage. In short, the video will took a month to be completed.

How do you handle the fame you have gained through your videos?

-It's not simple to have the fame, because you need to accept the viewer's criticisms, both positive and negative, though that scenarios can't be denied as a Youtube superstar.

Which is the favourite video you have made thus far, since your first ever Gaga parody video?

-Though Telephone is the video that changed my life, but I prefer Born This Way to be my favorite video that I have made, because it's been the start of something new: new video camera, new video editor, and I was able to explore more wonders of the technology, but nevertheless, I have not changed my style from the way I was discovered before which is being resourceful and innovative.

Thank you for reading this exclusive interview between Gagita and Dream of Gaga!

Dream Of GaGa Interviews Mr. DJ PornStar About GaGa

Getting his start in the late 90’s, DJ Pornstar is one of the busiest dance club DJs in San Francisco. Drawing inspiration from DJs Enemy, Icon, Joseph Lee, and Traser, DJ Pornstar honed his spinning skills and has developed a strong following in Bay Area and beyond.In this sense, this DJ had the luck and pleasure to perform twice for Lady GaGa in a club, along with her.Yes, exactly!Along with her back to the begining of 2009 in West Hollywood.
Dream Of GaGa found that very succesful hot DJ and interviewed him exclusively about his own life and about his expierence meeting Lady GaGa, of course.Check the interview below, share it and let us a comment….(Also, be sure you check one exclusive and not seen before image with DJ Pornstar and Lady GaGa in our gallery by clicking here!).Then read:


1) What is the best moment of the day?

The Best moment of the day is when something interreges me. I find my inspiration from the subtle yet interesting things that happen through out the day. To me there signs that tell me I’m on the right path. It can happen at anytime of the day, but when it does that’s the moment.


2) From what age were you ‘acting’ like a very passionate DJ?

At age 25 I had a few life changing experiences. I was in the process of opening up a small café’ in Union Square, downtown San Francisco when theEconomy took a plummeting turn. The inverters pulled out and the landlord decided to with draw the contract. There went the Café, which never came. From then on I decided to follow my true passion. My minor in college was electronic music production. So I decided to give my DJ profession a serious shot with the intention of becoming a Producer. So, I quit my job as a waiter, and devoted all of my time to self-promotion, the club scene and the Music. Once you focus 100% on your time on your passion it not only becomes your job, it becomes your career.


3) Would you call your performances with controllers a DJ set or a live show?

The moment I start my DJ set I would call it a performance. No, I’m not dancing around on stage, or singing the songs I play. Though, I am entertaining people with the music, making them dance, and making them sing along. The selection of songs play, the order, and my mixing style is the performance. Not to mention the flashy out fits and/or lack of clothing I wear while I’m doing it.


4) How did you get the name DJ Pornstar? What was your inspiration for it?

I got the name DJ Pornstar as a Joke. My friends called me DJ Pornstar, well because not only am I a DJ/ Producer, I’m also an adult entertainer.  The name stuck and I became very popular very fast. So, I decided to embrace it as fool on persona. Its definitely fun, sexy, and playful.

5) As we all know you are one of those who have created some excellent remixes of songs, including ‘Paparazzi’ by Lady GaGa. What made you want to ‘Remix’ paparazzi? Was it your love for the song or was a suggestion from someone?

I saw the video for “Paparazzi” and feel in love with the song. I was inspired to make a melancholy Electro Remix of the some because that’s the feeling it gave me. Continue reading Dream Of GaGa Interviews Mr. DJ PornStar About GaGa

DreamOfGaGa Interviews The Photographer, Derrick Santini

DREAMOFGAGA.COM, had the huge pleasure to interview one of the biggest ever  photographers, Derrick Santini (DS), about his work with Lady GaGa. As you will probably know, he had photoshooted  Lady GaGa,back in 2009,and we all remember that that photoshoot was one of Lady Gaga’s best. Check also some EXCLUSIVE images of Lady GaGa,by clicking HERE!(COMING SOON). (Note that the upcoming pictures are copyrighted by their specific photographer,so do not steal, crop or edit them.)

Check the amazing interview below:

1)What is the best moment of the day?

‘no it was the magazine.’

‘when ever gaga stepped in front of my camera …’

2)What kind of music do you listen to at the moment?
‘Alternative … as a genre that most suits…’
3)Do you read fashion and design magazines?

‘not really any regular anymore…  now its all on line’

4)What kind of clothes do you avoid wearing?

‘synthetic / flouro / leather shoes with jeans a big no no’

5)Where do you work on your photographic projects?

‘every where – where ever’

6)Who would you like to photograph most?

‘Marilyn Monroe – i wish…  Beyonce, Jonny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman….’

7)Do you discuss or exchange ideas with your colleagues?

‘yes all the time .. communication is key .. art is no bubble…’

8 )Please tell us more about photography.

‘i love it ..i was lucky – u make your own though,  i got into it when i was 14 and it became my world, i love people too if that wasnt evident…’

9)Which of your projects has given you the most satisfaction?

‘i am happiest when shooting so they all bring great satisfaction, but the more involved the projects the better, the most recent Firetrap campaign i shot came out a treat, i just did a wicked shoot for a new artist on Sony called Rita Ora … u heard it here first if you havnt heard of her already she is going to be HUGE – Beyonce came down to the studio and hung out – sweet. There are also a few fashion stories i love as well because of the concept and realization. Shooting ‘reportage’ images is a timeless singular satisfaction at the root of my love of photography, just observing and capturing vignettes of life and this reality informs all facets of photography i do’

10)Are there any photographers that you particularly appreciate?

‘For Sure… Richard Avedon, Helmut Newton, Walker Evans, Robert Frank, Gary Winnogrand, early David Bailey’

11)How would you describe Lady GaGa in 1 word?


12)Would you like to work with Lady GaGa again in the future?Cause we all know that you are such an amazing photographer.

‘Defo Defo…’


13)When you met and saw her for first time?

‘it was a couple of years ago and in London I never heard anything about her when i got the commisiion – but i did a bit of research but it didnt prepare me for he.’

14)You feelings and thoughts when u met her (GaGa)?

‘A star was the the first and lasting vibe about her – she’s on it… i think she gave the stylist a run for her money but she was a real pro in front of the camera and just worked it – she has a wonderful aloof air about her – a big part of her star appeal along  with her intreaging beauty and overt sexuality – a dream to photograph.’

‘We would like wholeheartedly to thank Mr DS,for taking the decision to answer to our questions, even though we know that he was busy!Million thanks!Be sure you visit his site: www.derricksantini.com
15)Did Gaga’s management contact you to work with her?


Mr Santini keep always being such an amazing and brilliant photographer!You really are the best!-DOGG Staff

Exclusive DOGG Interview With Edward Vigiletti

Click the post image above to view more amazing pics of Edward!

Little monsters, DreamOfGaGa had the chance to meet and talk with Edward Vigiletti.!Edward Vigiletti is the person that Lady GaGa has featured him once when she had setted a shoot of him as a twitter layout, time ago!Well,during this meeting DOGG interviewed Edward asking him some fun stuff!Also,in the interview you will understand that Edward isnt considering himself as an impersonator of GaGa!More stuff about him in the EXCLUSIVE DOGG interview below:

(Edward’s answers with the pink colour)

1)What do you consider your greatest achievement to date working on what u are?

Getting to know myself. Throughout the whole journey no matter how short it’s been I was constantly seeing how far I would push myself out of my box. Recently I did something huge.

2) What is your nationality and/or religion?

Im Heinz 57. And as for my religion, I believe in the Universe.

3) Where would you most like to live?

The worlds I dream of.

4) What are some qualities you most like you?

Upfront, honest and to the point.

5) Have you ever been in love?

Yes to a girl. Actually kind of miss her…

6) Which words or phrases do you most overuse?

I can’t get “that’s great” out of my head!

7) Which talent would you most like to have?

I wish I could draw. I have all these ideas going through my head but I can never really get them out on paper. It’s frustrating.

8 ) Your favourite song and why?

What an impossible question to answer.

9) What kind of person annoys you?

People who aren’t themselves. Every time I go to a party or club I feel like it’s a just big audition.

10) How people face you, when they meet your talent impersonating gagaloo?

Surprised that I don’t impersonate Gaga.

11)Your best outfit you have wore till now ?

This piece I wore that looked like a giant flower. The shot we got was amazing.

12)Who is your favorite fictional character?

Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) in American Psycho. I just found him so sexy.

13)How many hours per day does your work takes place on ur life?

My mind never turns off.

14)With one word, how would u describe your work?


Also,we would like to thank Edward for his decision to answer to our fun questions & for making a pic with the logo DREAM OF GAGA in his arm!As for you little monsters hope you enjoyed the interview and made some conclusions for great Eddie.


Be sure you friend Edward Vigiletti on facebook and view more pics of him and generally to tuned in his own routine.


Lady Jey|GaGa Talks DreamOfGaga.Com

Click this picture for more stunning Jey|GaGa as Lady Gaga, pics!

^Click the picture above to view more stunning Jey|GaGa as Lady Gaga, images!^

Jeimmy Carroza Allup known as  Jey Gaga is an official Lady Gaga’s impersonator in Chile, she has been voted the #1 Lady Gaga’s impersonator at Gay March 2009. she has a staff of dancers, staging and a great repertory, this has helped her to become one of the greatest Gaga impersonators to date, and the most important! she is a huge Lady Gaga fan! She is a huge monster. She has mastered everything from the look, the choreography and Lady Gaga’s style.

“I’m stunned, i feel very flattered with all of your compliments monsters… It means that what i do gets to your hearts, i’m just doing what i love and because i love Lady Gaga so much! and  if you say that i have talent is because i stole it from her, i’m so happy been the impersonator of the most beatiful person in the world. She’s a true artist and she deserves all the Love we have to give her…”

“I Love you my friends of dreamofgaga.com ♥”-Jey|GaGa

- Stay tuned with this great monster, Jey|GaGa:-

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