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Mega Post: Lady GaGa Films ‘Monster Ball Tour’ For ‘HBO’ In New York

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Lady Gaga took her Monster Ball home Monday night, hitting the Madison Square Garden stage for not only the second show of this leg of her tour, but also the first of two tapings for her forthcoming HBO special. "New York City, did you guys come to party tonight?" she asked as she appeared. "The Monster Ball will set you free." Among the celebrities spotted at the concert were Madonna, Paul McCartney, Beyoncé, Billy Joel, Elton John, Michelle Pfeiffer and Billie Joe Armstrong


In a sheer dress and nun's habit, Gaga performed "Love Game."


"My name is Lady Gaga, and I was born and raised in the unbreakable streets of New York City," she proclaimed. "Thank you so much. Tonight, I want you to forget all of your insecurities because I didn't used to be brave but you have made me brave, little monsters."



She then kicked it old school with "Boys Boys Boys."


"Are we gonna get divided now if I put this on?" she asked before pulling on a Yankees cap. After a quick chat with a fan, she went right into "Telephone," without an appearance from Beyoncé, despite fan murmurings that Queen B might make an appearance.

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#QueenGaGa Releases Info About 3 New Songs Of ‘Born This Way’

Lady Gaga gave Rolling Stone an advance preview of four songs from her upcoming album Born This Way an hour before the first show of the final leg of her Monster Ball tour in Atlantic City. Though Gaga's people were quick to point out that these were not the final mixes, the tracks certainly sounded like polished, finished recordings. Here's a track-by-track rundown of what we heard backstage, as well as what she played from the new record in concert.


"Judas" – Currently scheduled as the second single from the album, "Judas" is a classic Lady Gaga pop banger with three huge hooks, a thumping house music breakdown and a vocal part that borrows a bit of Rihanna's distinctive cadence. Gaga has written about falling for the wrong guy before in "LoveGame" and "Bad Romance," but this time around she's a bit less dark and dramatic. There's a bubbly sweetness in her voice as she sings "I'm just a horny fool / baby it's so cool / I'm still in love with Judas, baby."


"Edge of Glory" - This one sounds crazy in print — it's a massive power ballad with heavy club beats that features Clarence Clemons of the E Street Band wailing on his saxophone (Clemons also plays on "Hair") — but somehow it all seems totally natural when you actually hear it. There's an element of cheesiness to it, but it's totally captivating and incredibly catchy. If any of these new Gaga tunes demands to be a big fat hit, this is it. The inclusion of Clemons is an inspired touch that amplifies the song's Eighties stadium rock vibe, but his actual performance is amazing and ranks among the best of his career.


"Scheiße" – A remixed version of this number was used in a recent runway show by fashion designer Thierry Mugler. The album version doesn't have the same hardcore European house flavor, but it's definitely the tune most likely to bring back memories of early-Nineties dance crossover hits by C&C Music Factory, Snap and RuPaul. The opening of the song — in which she flatly intones "I don't speak German, but I can if you like" – is fierce, but the song is saved from being a slight novelty by a soaring chorus that vaguely recalls Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger."


"Hair" – "Hair" is another inspirational song in the mold of "Born This Way," but it's a bit weirder, mixing the yearning romantic melodrama of Pat Benetar's "We Belong" with the hard industrial metal edge of Broken-era Nine Inch Nails. The lyrics are essentially about embracing one's hairstyle as the ultimate expression of their identity, climaxing with Gaga triumphantly declaring "I am my hair!" in its huge sing along chorus. An anthem for hair salons everywhere.


‘Rolling Stone’ Magazine About ‘Born This Way’

Come on, girls! Do you believe in Madonna? Because Lady Gaga has got something to say about “Express Yourself,” and she’s turned Madonna’s fourth-best single of 1989 into her own instant-classic club anthem, “Born This Way.” Except it’s actually much better than “Express Yourself,” because it’s faster, with Gaga chanting “Don’t be a drag / Just be a queen.” “Born This Way” sums up everything gaudy and glorious about Gaga, all her politics and sex and Catholic angst and smeared lipstick, in one admirably compact blast of disco aggression.

“Born This Way” is more than just Gaga’s heavily hyped return to the radio: It’s an event, a statement, the most anticipatrended song in the history of recorded music, or at least since Britney’s “Hold It Against Me.” It’s also primed to become the first Number One hit in history to include the word “transgendered.” Gaga belts her self-esteem pep talk — “Subway kid, rejoice your truth”? okaaaay! — over the Eurodisco beats of producers Fernando Garibay and DJ White Shadow. She shouts to the gays, lesbians, bis, disabled, and monsters of all races, including the hilariously dippy line: “You’re black, white, beige, chola descent / You’re Lebanese, you’re Orient!”

You can complain all you want about the tip of the leather cap to “Express Yourself,” which was just Madonna’s knock-off of the Staple Singers’ “Respect Yourself.” But “Born This Way” is steeped in decades of gay disco tradition, with a heavy Seventies-style thump-thump from Patrick Hernandez’ 1979 classic “Born to Be Alive.” (Fun fact: one of Madonna’s first professional gigs was as a back-up dancer on a Patrick Hernandez tour, and you can believe Gaga knows it.)

It might seem strange that Gaga chose to premiere her big comeback single for morning-radio commuters, rather than night people who hang out in clubs. By the time the drag queens crawl out of bed this afternoon, “Born This Way” will already be a TGIF where’s-the-party jam for ordinary strap-hanging douchebags all over the world. (Don’t be a douche, just be a bag!) But that’s part of the statement she’s making here, because “Born This Way” is her brazen pop move: short, fast, going straight for the throat. That’s the most shocking thing about it.

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Breaking GaGalicious 2011 Will Bring:

  • Polaroid and Lady Gaga, will reveal their first collaboration called “Polaroid Grey Label” at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show, which will take place in Las Vegas on January 6th.
  • The anticipated album of GaGa, 'Born This Way'.The song-single will premiere on Grammy's night (February 13), with the entire album coming out on May 23rd.
  • The "Hello, Hello" (with Elton John) release, on February 8th.The song will be all about the upcoming Disney animated film Gnomeo and Juliet.
  • The first 'Born This Way' by GaGa interview. The interview will air on Anderson Cooper’s 60 Minutes on 13 Of February.
  • First 2011 Monster Ball show, will take place in Atlantic City, NJ, on February 19.
  • MAC Cosmetics has signed Lady Gaga as the face of their Viva Glam campaign for the second year in a row, on 2011.Soon during these months, more to be revealed about this issue.
  • Lady GaGa is going to be the face that will cover 'Vogue', for a month during 2011.The photoshoot and relative, to be released soon!
  • Dream Of GaGa is going to have a brandnew look-them very soon.A theme surprise, by a very known webdesigner.
  • Lady GaGa will receive the first ever 'Born This Way' album, related fanbook..The 'Born This Way' fanbook will be given to Lady GaGa by us, on 26 of February in Pittsburgh, PA.

More events will take place for sure.We are so excited to get aware of them, as soon as they are out and will be all about Lady GaGa.Exciting 2011, right little monsters?

Review: Lady GaGa Dazzles Belfast, With Racy Show At ‘Odyssey’

Lady Gaga put on a powerful and dynamic performance on Saturday night at the Odyssey ahead of her second date this evening, with her penchant for dressing up in bizarre attire never more appropriate given the time of year.

The audience, or Gaga’s ‘little monsters’ (in her own words), at the packed arena was alive with anticipation long before she came on stage, with the odd fan wearing a tribute to one of her more famous ensembles of past.

Gaga, or Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta if your prefer her more cumbersome title, stormed on stage with a new mustard-coloured hairstyle to open with an upbeat number before breaking into Just Dance, which set the crowd alight.

Props such as a car with a piano in the bonnet and a lifelike subway carriage emphasised her New York roots with echoes of Madonna’s Italian American rags-to-riches story.

Gaga’s performance was dazzling and unique, with several increasingly more bizarre costume changes along the way.

It’s clear to see why the woman is a breath of fresh air in the music industry.

At one point she appeared in a giant snowflake piece, but with her eccentricity came passion, as she declared that her concert was for any child who’s ever been bullied because of the way they look.

At some points her commentary in between songs became expletive-ridden, but the audience responded well to it.

A pop sensation Gaga may be, but she was keen to dispel the image of the squeaky-clean female stars of her genre — she’s more Whitney than Britney.

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Lady Gaga Backstage At The VMAs!

On Sunday night at the Video Music Awards, Lady Gaga won everything besides Best Contemporary World Music Album, but you probably couldn’t tell by the way she acted. Or at least I couldn’t.

After all, I was standing roughly 3 feet from her as she descended from the stage, Video of the Year Moonman in one hand, short-loin inspired clutch in the other. And at that moment, she didn’t seem like the biggest pop icon on the planet, a woman who genuinely inspires millions and appears determined to speak for the voiceless and use her status to elicit actual social change.

Instead, she seemed like a very demure, very humble human being. This may have had something to do with the fact that she had just accepted an award from Cher (which can definitely be a disorienting experience), or because she had just won her eighth Moonman of the night, but it definitely struck me as odd. After all, if you take everything you know or have read about her, combine it with her videos, fashion sense and over-the-top, decidedly feisty live performances, you are left with a picture that is less human and more, well, deity. Gaga does not appear to be human — more like a pneumatic lion tamer with a penchant for creative haberdashery, or a fire-breathing neo-Shiva in sunglasses — which is sort of the point, I suppose.

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Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball Tour Arrives In D.C.

It seems not since Madonna has a pop star taken the United States by storm as fully as Lady Gaga.
She seemed to rise up from nowhere — a songwriter for Interscope Records who took over the musical world almost as soon as she was discovered by Akon and signed to his label.

“A couple years ago and I had been hearing about [the song] ‘Poker Face’ … and I thought she was really interesting and her songs are really catchy,” said Charlotte Raskovich, 16, of Arlington. “She is one of the few people you can call a performer these days.”

Raskovich is in good company with others who share the same opinion of the woman born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, who chose her stage name after the Queen song “Radio Gaga” and now is a superartist at age 24.

According to her official biography, her destiny was almost preordained. As a child she’d sing along to her mini plastic tape recorder to Michael Jackson and Cyndi Lauper hits and enjoy the Rolling Stones and the Beatles.

“I was always an entertainer,” said Lady Gaga, who would perform around the house and sometimes not wear clothes when greeting new babysitters. “I was a ham as a little girl and I’m a ham today.”

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Lady Gaga Dominates Cleveland With Sold-Out Show

CLEVELAND - “Little Monsters” took over the downtown area on Wednesday night with Lady Gaga’s concert at The Quicken Loans Arena.

The 24-year-old singing sensation performed before a sold-out arena. “She’s just so talented and she doesn’t care what people think,” said Kalee Burton from Sheffield Lake. “That’s why everyone comes up and dresses-up and comes out to the show for that reason!”

Lady Gaga’s fans lined-up outside the arena throughout the day and many hoped to get some last-minute seats that were made available before the show. A few fans managed to locate the singer outside her hotel. “I was hyperventilating, so I couldn’t talk and she asked me if I was okay and she started patting my chest, it was amazing,” said Brandan Boggs.
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Monster Ball: Homecoming Concert In New York!

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GaGa’s hometown headlining debut at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday night (July 6), done  in front of the New York arena’s marquee.

Some Press Reviews about the show:

The obvious nods to New York City sprinkled into the evening — both within the show & timed to tonight’s setting — only seemed to energize the crowd, and Gaga fed off the adulation. By the time the night came to a close, there was a triumphant feeling in the air. – MTV

At Madison Square Garden last night, for the first of three performances, the reigning terror of pop music was so mainstream theatrical, she should be stripped of any merit badges earned for outrageousness. – New York Daily Post

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