July 28, 2021

10 year old Maria Aragon signs record deal

After Lady Gaga spotted Maria Aragon, a talented 10 year old girl who makes covers and posts them on YouTube, the girl has seemingly shot up to fame after Gaga tweeted her video a few months ago. Her cover of 'Born This Way' went viral, attracting more than 2 million hits in its first day of being uploaded. In a Toronto concert of the Monster Ball early this year (March), Maria was invited on stage to sing 'Born This Way' with Gaga herself, and also made television appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in Los Angeles and Good Morning America in New York, recently singing O Canada for Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton for a crowd of over 300,000 at a Canada Day celebration in Ottawa earlier this month.

After all the recognition, Maria has finally secured a record deal with Star Records of the Philippines. Congratulations, Maria!