May 9, 2021

A Big Applause FOR ‘TS14’ LGBT Club, In Thessaloniki, Greece.

The Place

On a quickly transforming Greek street, in Thessaloniki, lined with dive bars, 50-60cent stores and trendy restaurants, TS14 occupies a narrow one-level space. There is a main bar on inside, by entering from the very first eye-glance. Calling it a club is a stretch, though dancing is encouraged. The décor is relatively pink and nasty, with pink neon signs that spell “TS14” and a constellation of high heels that is included in the main entrance of the club.


''(C) photo by Giorgos Striftatis, for''


The Crowd

Well-groomed tranvesti dominate. A smattering of Hedwig-esque drag queens lends flavor. The general look is so fashionable and high-class sexy. In other words, make sure your flannel is pricey and your facial scruff is on point.


''(C) photo by Giorgos Striftatis, for''

The Playlist

Expect the usual gay songbook of dance floor warhorses (Snap!'s “Rhythm Is a Dancer,” Janet Jackson’s “Together Again”), female empowerment anthems (“These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ ”, Lady Gaga's ''Born This Way') and top remixes (“California Girls”), give some good vibes, in the club, handled by TS14's DJ!

Getting In

Everyone is welcome, as the jam-packed weekend hordes prove. Especially some nights, many cool events are being helded, from go-go boy dancers, strippers, draq queens and famous singers!


''(C) first photo by performer Taty & second Giorgos Striftatis, for''

You're spoilt for choice when it comes to gay & travesti nightclubs in Thessaloniki, Greece. Here on Dream Of Gagawe guide you to the best gay venue. & that is TS14, a club full of love, advocacy, freedom and equality, owned by the amazing Kristy Alexiou.


''(C) photo by Giorgos Striftatis, for''