July 26, 2021

A Review For DreamOfGaGa by @iRycee

Right now we can exclusively share with you an article tributed entirely on DreamOfGaGa, by a lady gaga and dreamofgaga fan called Ryan(iRycee),who recently has opened an amazing blog including there, incredible reviews for different music videos,including and those of GaGaloo.!So some mins before shared with us, that he had made and a review for DreamOfGaga,check below:

They’re a really amazing with their site, and love all their fans so much its unbelievable, I mean he especially loves his little indonesian monsters and the new recruit to the Dream of GaGa team, @TaraDreamofGaga who is doing an amazing job for Jim as he may be experiencing days off due to holidays, so Tara will be there to save the day. Yay Tara. She’s awesome: follow her and Jim. Dream of Gaga was voted the #1 best rising fansite on the web, and have reached 2 evolution peaks with updating as well as having just over 10,000 followers. You must follow all the team members! They so awesome, and no one can actually love any one more than Jim!

No words to describe mine and the whole dreamofgaga’s team about his good words..The only we can say,i can say personally is..Follow him on twitter @iRycee and enter his unbelievable blog  HERE!