July 28, 2021

Akon Says, GaGa’s New Album Is Gonna Be So Crazy!

Lady GaGa has already recorded some “crazy” tracks for her next album, rapper Akon has revealed.

The singer, who is travelling with a mini recording studio on her ‘Monster Ball’ tour, has reportedly written the majority of the LP while on tour.

Akon told Vibe magazine: “She records while she’s on the road. I’m flying out to Europe to work on some new records with her.

“GaGa’s just like me. She has a tour bus with a studio in it. Some of the songs I’ve heard are going to be crazy. She’s getting bigger and better.”

The hip-hop artist also admitted that he finds it easy to work with the ‘Telephone’ singer, because she is extremely focused.

He continued: “All I’m doing at the end of the day is listening to the tracks GaGa has written and approving them for her album. She has producers that she works with outside of myself and they are coming up with some incredible records.

“But the beauty of it is she knows exactly what she wants. So it just makes it easier for me.”