July 29, 2021

‘Alejandro’ Video Clip Reviews

Check out what the media and critics are saying about “Alejandro” music video:

[…]Directed by fashion photographer Steve Klein, the clip reinforces the notion that no one understands the convergence of image and music right now better than Gaga.

Los Angeles Times

[…](Alejandro) is a healthy combination of a number of different references, nods and homages to a bevy of Madonna videos.

The “Vogue” references are certainly there, as Gaga spends a large chunk of the video in that same spartan set in black-and-white. But the rest of the clip features Gaga in a number of different costumes — including a red nun’s habit and some sort of steampunk headgear — in a handful of different scenarios (some of which involving Nazi imagery).


There are a number of other cultural references that slip out of “Alejandro” (Gaga clearly enjoys the work of film director Fritz Lang), but even the gun-barrel-sporting bra she wears at the end could be mistaken for that conical top Madonna made famous during the Blonde Ambition Tour. Of course, “Alejandro” director Steven Klein has worked as a photographer for Madonna over the past few years, so it’s quite possible that these are merely the influences he has picked up while working with her. But if Gaga really is making an attempt to define herself as a next-gen Madonna who also pays homage to her elders, then there are worse paths to follow.


[…]The shock songstress’ new music video for her single “Alejandro” is chock full of bed-ridden S&M imagery that makes it look like the softcore answer to “The Matrix.” Oh, and let’s not forget, the apparent nun rape.

“In the video I’m pining for the love of my gay friends — but they just don’t want me to be with them,” she recently said.

In the futuristic 8-minute video directed by Steven Klein, Gaga rocks, at various points, a mushroom-top wig, a nun’s garb, and some kind of cyborg-goddess getup with what look like Bono’s ’90s bug glasses attached to it.


Concluding on a characteristically controversial note, Gaga, in her nun’s outfit, is mobbed by her man troupe, who literally tears the clothes from her body.

New York Daily News

[…]The Fame Monster‘s latest clip concludes with a montage of war shots and a funeral. Unlike her last mini-movie, “Telephone,” this offering doesn’t have storyline that’s easy to follow. There’s more room for assumption and guessing. That said, watch the eight minute video after the jump and tell us what you think it’s about. Who died? What caused the war? Who gave those soldiers bowl cuts? I need to know!

Entertainment Weekly

As she did with “Telephone,” Lady Gaga once again provides a lengthy, visually arresting cinematic short for her single “Alejandro,” but this time with Madonna references instead of endorsements. (In case swallowing a rosary and a little S&M doesn’t tip you off, she dons black pants and a bra with strategically placed machine guns.)[…]


[…] now that the full “Alejandro” is out, we can all see that it’s not a blatant political PSA–as with all Gaga videos, it’s a piece of performance art, open to interpretation. But the video’s vaguely “Rhythm Nation”-reminiscent vibe, not to mention what Gaga described to King as its “homoerotic military theme,” could be construed as a creative critique of the U.S. military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. And the video’s wardrobe of nun’s habits and other religious imagery could be viewed as references to the Catholic Church’s demonization of homosexuality.[…]

At the very least, the “Alejandro” video is a thank-you gift to Gaga’s large and devoted LGBT fanbase, the affectionately nicknamed “Little Monsters” who have helped make her the biggest female pop star on the planet.[…]

“Alejandro” is controversial and polarizing–no Gaga video would be complete without a little shock value–but by Gaga standards, this video is actually almost downright tame, and this time, she isn’t dancing with cans of Miracle Whip or disco sticks or hats fashioned out of princess phones. This time, there seems to be a message behind Gaga’s madness. Will people listen to what she has to say? Regardless, this is yet another Lady Gaga video that will be impossible to ignore.

Yahoo! Music

All right, Little Monsters and non-Monsters, Lady Gaga’s back with her newest music video for “Alejandro.” It’s another epic and self-indulgent nine-minute-long journey (and feels even longer!), so make sure you plan your day accordingly. […]

We’ve come to expect a lot from the Lady, and while this video is gorgeous to look at, we’re not so sure it lives up to the rest of her work.

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