July 28, 2021

Alice Cooper: GaGa Will Be Remembered

Alice Cooper has praised Lady Gaga, saying she is so good she is already in “the history of rock ‘n’ roll”.

The veteran American rocker is famed for his extravagant, horror-inspired stage shows, which have included fake blood, guillotines and seen him pretend to die. Alice sees Gaga as his natural successor, and has been impressed with the way she has changed the landscape of pop music.

Gaga is renowned for her extravagant outfits, having worn a lobster hat and clothes made entirely of meat in the past. She also goes to town on her stage shows, regularly saying any money she makes goes into making her set as lavish as possible.

“I would imagine this year there’s going to be ten million Lady Gagas dressed up trick or treating for Halloween. She’s great because she gets it, but she can back it up. She can sing, she can write, she can play piano, she’s not just a costume queen,” Alice told British newspaper The Sun.

“You can be as outrageous as you wanna be, as long as you can back it up with the music. She said if you’re gonna do it, go as far out on a limb as you can, like Alice Cooper did. She’s totally outrageous. Lady Gaga’s already in the history of rock ‘n’ roll.”

Alice added he wishes more people in the industry would take risks like Gaga does. He’s bored of seeing bands churn out the same music while wearing the same clothes, and doesn’t think that’s what being a rock star is about. He insists people in the profession should be outlandish and exciting, and give fans something to look up to which is totally different.

“Everybody’s trying to be so politically correct, everybody’s so afraid of offending people, of stepping outside the norm. I see bands and I go, ‘What, he went down to Gap and bought a pair of corduroys and a shirt?’ What fun is that? ” he said. “Nobody will remember 90% of the rock bands, but they’ll remember Gaga. When people say party like a rock star, they don’t say party like a politician, party like a banker. Be Keith Richards.”