July 26, 2021

American Idol And Alejandro Details

It has already been announced that Lady Gaga is gracing the “American Idol” stage on May 5, but Wednesday, April 28 she pre-recorded her performance for the lucky studio audience who stuck around after the results show.

It took over an hour to set up her stage because the crew had to bring in a giant metal angel that had fire sprouting out of the wings, not one but two giant black spiky trees and several park benches made out of giant bloody razor blades. There were also eight or so male backup dancers wearing nothing but black spandex shorts.

They then added dry ice to cover the floor with fog and Lady Gaga herself wearing nothing but some strategically placed black leather leaves and a cape with a hood made out of black netting. Her outfit reminded us of an updated version of what Cher wore in the “If I Could Turn Back Time” video, if that paints a picture for you, and the entire set looked like the S&M version of “Alice in Wonderland” meets the cemetery scene from “Phantom of the Opera” populated by half-naked nymphs from “Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

Source:/Zap2It Blog/

Needless to say … AWESOME.

Lady Gaga’s performance started with a beautiful mostly piano-only “Bad Romance” and then kicked up into her new hit “Alejandro.” After some impressive-considering-her-stilettos dancing, Gaga headed back to the piano to show off her mad ivory skillz while her backup dancers had a combination rumble-orgy. At one point we think Gaga might have tripped, but she may also have been writhing around for effect — could go either way. Suffice to say that there are very few acts we would actually pay to go see in concert but Lady Gaga just became one of them.

And PS: Her outfit in the back left almost her entire rear exposed and we can definitely say — nice gluts, Lady Gaga.