Dream Of GaGa Interviews Mr. DJ PornStar About GaGa

Getting his start in the late 90’s, DJ Pornstar is one of the busiest dance club DJs in San Francisco. Drawing inspiration from DJs Enemy, Icon, Joseph Lee, and Traser, DJ Pornstar honed his spinning skills and has developed a strong following in Bay Area and beyond.In this sense, this DJ had the luck and pleasure to perform twice for Lady GaGa in a club, along with her.Yes, exactly!Along with her back to the begining of 2009 in West Hollywood.
Dream Of GaGa found that very succesful hot DJ and interviewed him exclusively about his own life and about his expierence meeting Lady GaGa, of course.Check the interview below, share it and let us a comment….(Also, be sure you check one exclusive and not seen before image with DJ Pornstar and Lady GaGa in our gallery by clicking here!).Then read:


1) What is the best moment of the day?

The Best moment of the day is when something interreges me. I find my inspiration from the subtle yet interesting things that happen through out the day. To me there signs that tell me I’m on the right path. It can happen at anytime of the day, but when it does that’s the moment.


2) From what age were you ‘acting’ like a very passionate DJ?

At age 25 I had a few life changing experiences. I was in the process of opening up a small café’ in Union Square, downtown San Francisco when theEconomy took a plummeting turn. The inverters pulled out and the landlord decided to with draw the contract. There went the Café, which never came. From then on I decided to follow my true passion. My minor in college was electronic music production. So I decided to give my DJ profession a serious shot with the intention of becoming a Producer. So, I quit my job as a waiter, and devoted all of my time to self-promotion, the club scene and the Music. Once you focus 100% on your time on your passion it not only becomes your job, it becomes your career.


3) Would you call your performances with controllers a DJ set or a live show?

The moment I start my DJ set I would call it a performance. No, I’m not dancing around on stage, or singing the songs I play. Though, I am entertaining people with the music, making them dance, and making them sing along. The selection of songs play, the order, and my mixing style is the performance. Not to mention the flashy out fits and/or lack of clothing I wear while I’m doing it.


4) How did you get the name DJ Pornstar? What was your inspiration for it?

I got the name DJ Pornstar as a Joke. My friends called me DJ Pornstar, well because not only am I a DJ/ Producer, I’m also an adult entertainer.  The name stuck and I became very popular very fast. So, I decided to embrace it as fool on persona. Its definitely fun, sexy, and playful.

5) As we all know you are one of those who have created some excellent remixes of songs, including ‘Paparazzi’ by Lady GaGa. What made you want to ‘Remix’ paparazzi? Was it your love for the song or was a suggestion from someone?

I saw the video for “Paparazzi” and feel in love with the song. I was inspired to make a melancholy Electro Remix of the some because that’s the feeling it gave me.

6) When you met and saw Lady GaGa for first time and how?

I was cought off guard by the promoter at the club I was spinning at in West Hollywood. He said GaGa was coming and she wants pop music. I was so nervous my palms were sweating. When she walked in she came straight to the DJ booth. I said Hi I’m DJ Pornstar and she said “I know who you are”. She grabbed a microphone turned down the music and started singing “Poker Face”, Acapella. The crowd went Nuts. Paparazzi and fans were freaking out. The cameras flashed nonstop. Afterward we grabbed a drink at the bar quickly and I was back in the booth, spinning for here and the rest of the club, filled to capacity.

7) How would you describe Lady GaGa in 2 words?

Unstoppable, Futuristic

8.) You feelings and thoughts when u performed once for her?

I was so I was having a hard time focusing. It was the first time I ever performed for a celebrity. It went very well, she was so nice and friendly. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

9) If there was a chance for you to give up everything and become Lady GaGa’s producer for her (Remixes Only Albums), would you drop everything for her?

I would drop everything to produce a remix album for her. I think it would rock the clubs.

10) Except Paparazzi are there any other remixes by you?

I just started working on a remix of here new Christmas song that just came out. I can’t sell it, but I will be posting it on youtube for the world to hear it.

11) Who do you most respect in the DJ world?

I respect the DJ/Producers (Remix Artists) out there, who are actually creating the pop dance remixes that truly shape the mainstream club scene today. With out them, the pop artist can only go so far with there marketing and media.It’s the Remix Artists that push the Pop Artists to the top of the charts. Not only do the DJ/Producers help the Pop Artists, but the DJ’s as well. Providing them with the club banging Remixes that keep the DJ performance interesting and fun to dance to.

12) Does Lady GaGa inspire you and in that way?

GaGa if a huge inspiration not only in music but in fashion.By no means do I try to mimic her style, but use it as a inspirational tool.

13) Do you think Lady GaGa deserves the title ‘Pop Queen’?

I’m not sure if there is one person that can give to a tytle other that the Queen of England. Unless its mob’s of people screaming at her “queen of pop”, well I think she needs a little more time as Lady GaGa before we call here Queen GaGa. Don’t get me wrong, I love GaGa, but it took decades before we called Michael Jackson the “King of Pop”. I would just like to see her have more time in the limelight. I don’t think any star would mind that.

14) What is your vision for the future of live musical manipulation aka DJing?

The performance art of DJing is changing everyday as the remixing tools become easier and more advanced. Until there is potential control over boot legging remixes, the style, quality, and economics of this industry will fluctuate dramatically. I see the Artist wanting to work the Remixes and DJ/Producer directly. This will lead to a professional opening for DJ/Producers like me with the major record labels.

15) Where can people find out more about your work?

You can keep up with my DJ Performances on my website www.djpornstar.com.

16) Is there any advice that you would like to give on Lady GaGa?

I don’t think any advice can be given to one of the biggest pop stars in the world today other than, keep the hits coming strong. I think that’s more like a request. LOL

17) What gives your courage and passion to continue DJing?
By being a DJ I’m living my dream. I don’t know what I would do with my self if my job didn’t involve making people dance. My determination and dedication to being a dance producer drives my to the clubs to the Perform every single weekend.

Closing, we would like once again, to thank so much DJ Pornstar for this nice interview!

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