Lady GaGa Live: Competition Information & FAQs

Take40:As you all well know by now, Lady Gaga is heading to Australia in July to perform your All-time exclusive Gaga Live at Sydney 'Monster' Hall, presented by 2Day FM, Vodafone All-time Prepaid and Take 40!


This will be your only chance to see Gaga in 2011. July 13 at Sydney Town Hall.
We announced on Sunday that Take 40 will be holding a competition on our Take 40 Australia Facebook page giving little monsters the chance to win tickets! The only way you can get to the Gaga Live event is to win tickets — and you guys have been asking us a million questions about how the competition will work.


We can't answer everything just yet, but we'll do our best to answer everything we possibly can now for you! All other details will be released on Wednesday June 8th when we open the competition.

Ok here goes…

What does the competition involve?
We want you to show us that you are a real little monster, what makes you a monster and how monster you are. Basically we are looking for Australia's biggest little monsters! This doesn't necessarily mean you need to dress up as Gaga — just show us what it is that makes you a monster.

Who will be judging the winners?
Our senior Take 40 online editor Kate will be responsible for judging, with help from the rest of the Take 40 crew.

What will we be judged on?
Entries will be judged on their creativity and inventiveness, and how genuine and inspirational they are.

How do we know that only 'real' little monsters will be chosen?
We obviously can't guarantee that every winner we pick will be a real little monster; it's going to be the hardest job we've ever done! HOWEVER — please trust that we will absolutely 100 percent do our very best to make this happen. Monsters — we know who you are. Just make sure your photo expresses how much of a monster you are and you'll be in with a chance!

Can you enter more than once?
Entrants can enter multiple times, provided each entry is substantially unique.

How old do I need to be to enter?
All entrants must be 13 years old or over.

Can you make a collage?
Yes, you may put whatever you like in your image. You may also have more than one person in the image, but only the entrant can attend the event if they win.

Can I submit a video?
No. You will only be able to upload a picture.

Can I write a story with my entry?
You will be able to write a short caption to accompany your picture, however you will only be judged on the picture itself.

How creative should I be?
We encourage you to be as creative as possible.

How long do I have to enter?
Entries open 6am Wednesday 8th June, 2011 and the comp closes at midday, Monday July 4th.

Where do I upload my photo?
We have built a special page on the Take 40 Australia Facebook page, you'll find it in the menu on the left hand side called 'Gaga All-time'. At 6am on June 8, this page will change to an entry page and we'll make sure it's easy to find!

Will people be able to 'like' and comment on the photos — and will that influence the winners chosen?
Yes, other people will be able to see your entries and like and comment on them, but this will not influence our judging in any way.

Will Lady Gaga see our entries?
No, but feel free to tweet them at her and we might even do the same!



How many tickets are you giving away?
We cannot tell you how many tickets we are giving away until the comp goes live on June 8. But each winner will be allowed to take one friend. Also — while the Gaga Live event is for winners only, have no doubt that it will be MASSIVE.

Are flights and accommodation included in the prize?
Again, we can't tell you any of the prize details until June 8 sorry! This is possibly the biggest competition Take 40 has ever been involved in!


Ok — pretty sure we've answered as much as we possibly can now. More details to come on June 8!


In the meantime, can we ask that you please don't tweet or facebook us any pictures or videos? These can't be judged as part of your entry and as much as we love seeing them, we don't want you to waste your time.
Feel free to leave any other questions on our Facebook or Twitter and we promise we'll try and reply to everyone when we can.
Make sure you stay tuned to every day in the next few weeks as we'll have loads of Lady Gaga stuff happening and we'll be featuring some of your entries on the site.


And finally… we want to thank you all so much for getting behind Take 40 and being so enthusiastic about this comp and event!


Paws up monsters and good luck!
The 'going Gaga' Take 40 Team

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    hi gaga i like u but that horns. ew! i can call u LADY AGA.u looked fabu without that
    love REEVA.  
    remember im saving u

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