Celebrating,1 Year ‘Bad Romance’ In Our Lives…..

Today is the 1 year anniversary of  Gagaloo’s  song ‘Bad Romance’, which was released to iTunes on October 26, 2009! “Bad Romance” a song by  Lady Gaga and the lead single from her third EP, The Fame Monster. The track was produced by RedOne and was inspired by the paranoia that Gaga felt while touring … Read moreCelebrating,1 Year ‘Bad Romance’ In Our Lives…..

‘GAGA’ Book By-Essential Works

Essential Works has recently released a book titled “GAGA” in which you can follow the story and transformation of Gaga; from her early life to the now worldwide pop phenomenon that she has become. Along the course of the book, it highlights her beliefs, inspirations and thoughts. Johnny Morgan tells the tale of Gaga’s incredible … Read more‘GAGA’ Book By-Essential Works