Lady Gaga interviewed by ‘Fashion’ Magazine

Lady Gaga provided an interview for Fashion Magazine – read the interview below. I feel like this was a serendipitous meeting, because we were supposed to meet in March and you had just come back from the Mugler show, and you’re on tour, and your publicist said, “She’s got to stop the interviews because she … Read moreLady Gaga interviewed by ‘Fashion’ Magazine

Lady Gaga starts up a Tumblr account

Lady Gaga finally decides to join the increasingly popular social network, Tumblr. Gaga's official Tumblr account is, as confirmed by various Gaga sources. Gaga tweets her famous quotes, unseen pictures and just a day or so ago tumblr-ed an unseen image off the Born This Way/ Nick Knight photoshoot. Be sure to follow @ladygaga … Read moreLady Gaga starts up a Tumblr account

Lady GaGa Performs On French TvShow: ‘Taratata’

Although Lady Gaga may no longer be in France, the pop superstar just had a new set debut on the country's TV program "Taratata" Tuesday night. If you love some of Gaga's slower ballads, then this performance is for you. "Hair" was accentuated powerfully by Gaga basically tying her hair to a model of the … Read moreLady GaGa Performs On French TvShow: ‘Taratata’

Lady Gaga Appears On “Sukkiri” (Japanese TalkShow)

Lady Gaga appeared on the Japanese talk show, Sukkiri, for a rather long interview with Japanese hosts. She speaks about her new album "BORN THIS WAY", which sold more than 1.3 million in the U.S. alone, and went back to the top of the UNITED KINGDOM charts, reigning top (#1) once again.  The interview is … Read moreLady Gaga Appears On “Sukkiri” (Japanese TalkShow)