January 17, 2021

Article: Lady GaGa At The A-List!

In a survey of more than 500 people, 25 percent chose Obama over celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Angelina Jolie and Kim Kardashian, according to BizBash, the trade media for the event industry.

"I suspect our readers chose the first lady because of her personal style, but also because she has an authenticity about the projects that she gets behind," said BizBash editor in chief Chad Kaydo. "If you saw her at an event, you would feel she genuinely believed in its purpose. And unlike the 'Jersey Shore' cast, she doesn't go wherever she can pick up a check."

Complete results

1. Michelle Obama (25 percent)

2. Bill Clinton (13 percent)

3. Lady Gaga (12 percent)

4. Betty White (9 percent)

5. Angelina Jolie (8 percent)

6. Kim Kardashian (6 percent)

7. Katy Perry and Russell Brand (5 percent)

8. James Franco (4 percent)

9. Cast of "Gossip Girl" (3 percent )

10. Sarah Palin (2 percent )

11. (tie) The Jonas Brothers (1 percent ) Cast of "Jersey Shore" (1 percent)