May 7, 2021

‘Bad Romance’ Becomes One Of The 100 Greatest Songs Of All Time

Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah-ah! Roma-roma-mamaa! Ga-ga-ooh-la-la!

'Bad Romance' (released on 2009) becomes the #10 greatest popular song since 1923!

TIME magazine: Our critics pick the most extraordinary English-language pop recordings since the beginning of TIME magazine in 1923. Here are 100 songs of enduring beauty, power and inventiveness!

Aren’t pop stars supposed to be sweet? Britney, Christina and Katy just wanted to love and be loved by you. Even Madonna’s early work was largely about thanking her lucky stars and wanting to dress you up in her love. But Gaga doesn’t want any of that. On the lead single from her second album, The Fame Monster, she pines for a destructive relationship that she knows will end in disaster. (Or, according to the music video, a singed bed and a corpse. Either/or.) She will play mind games. She will use you. “Bad Romance” is an infectiously catchy dance song about all of the crazy, messed-up feelings people have for one another.

Congrats GaGa!!!