January 16, 2021

Big Changes-Welcome Back Dream Of GaGa!


Surprise, surprise!

So sorry for the downtime but….We are sure you guys didn’t expect so many changes so soon, but the whole DOGG team and I, felt like we needed a big change to the site. As you can see we have worked our little asses off to get this online just some days before the big night-Grammy's night, that Lady GaGa will perform  'Born This Way'. Xella made this awesome layout and I personally think it looks lovely and really believe that is our best layout ever!


You can see some other changes like a new GaGallery layout. And we also updated the gallery with more than 2,000 photos, including some photoshoots, old events and video clip screen shots, because it really needed to get updated like this, cause the love you always give about some Lady GaGa visuals in our website!We wanna thank miss Mary, the admin of http://giorgosdouros.dom.gr/ ,for designing an epic 'Born This Way' layout!P.s: Dont forget to check at our gallery a little gift-image that was given to Dream Of GaGa, through all this time.To view click here!


Also, we had the big honour, one of the nicest persons on earth Harris, to create for us a brandnew and proffesional layout for the second Lady GaGa fashion blog on the web, powered by us!Dream Of GaGa/Style has a new layout  too, as well as a new fashion admin!More info straight ahead to the page.


GAGAGR-The most popular greek lady gaga fansite has a brandnew layout.A layout very nice and made only for your basic needs.!So, calling all greek little monsters, be sure to check the new features on the blog!


Also, we are so proud and wet-excited to announce you that, Dream Of GaGa in association with GaGa-Now(com), have just started a huge co-operation on a project called, MOS.What MOS will bring you?MOS will set you free!Click here for more exciting info!


Finally, we thought it was time for an update on content of our pages, like Multimedia,  Mother Monster & more.Check the pages on the navigation that is placed on our header!


And this is not over yet.Stay tuned for a special announcement later..More breaking & exciting news on the road….


Oh and we have not to forget that:




What are your thoughts about the new and improved Dream Of GaGa? Let us know by leaving a comment…