May 9, 2021

‘Born This Way’ Album Scores High Critical Ratings

Lady Gaga's second full-length album is out and you can find it here!In this sense there are many reviews on the album,which you can read below:


Early critical reaction to Born This Way has been highly positive. Dan Martin of NME gave Born This Way a positive review saying, "Gaga doesn't know when to hold back – and it's a damn good thing." According to Martin, the sound was a departure from her last two albums and was a reflection of Gaga's fanbase. "As if Gaga, having already (in her own head at least) fused herself with her fanbase to create a singular entity, she wants to weld physically to her synthesisers as if to create one all-powerful dreadnought of self-empowerment. For the most part this is one relentless torrent of heavy-metal-rave-pop. At the very least it’s a triumph in sound engineering." The hype and Gaga's boundary-pushing preceding the album was criticized, but the album "passed… with flying colors" pushing musical boundaries to its "ultimate degree."


Bill Lamb at also gave a highly positive review, giving Born This Way a 5/5 and stating "She brazenly welds disco to metal guitars embracing all of her musical influences in a mad clash of styles that works more often than not" and concluding that "Born This Way begins and ends with near perfection."


Slant Magazine gave a positive review of Born This Way, stating "There's nothing small about this album, and Gaga sings the shit out of every single track.


Other review scores:

The Guardian 4/5 stars
NME (8/10)
PopJustice (9/10)
Slant Magazine 4/5 stars


Please enjoy someone actually putting a bit of effort and imagination back into pop, and keep the sneering and lazy comparisons in check. Not that they can take anything away from what is, simply, a marvellous record. — BBC Music


This is another anthem packed album that only Gaga can deliver, she’s avoided the pitfalls of the ‘second album’, choosing not to be overly confident. Instead she has delved further and has pulled out these iconic tracks that will stay forever with a generation that have welcomed Gaga into their hearts as an iconic, creative figure that only comes every 20 years or so. — M is for Music


What makes Born This Way so disarmingly great is how warm and humane Gaga sounds. There isn’t a subtle moment on the album, but even at its nuttiest, the music is full of wide-awake emotional details. — Rolling Stone