May 8, 2021

‘Born This Way’ Is Available Now, Dominates World With Records

The most anticipated album of this year, Born This Way is out now!Click HERE to get Lady Gaga's 3rd studio album, featuring "The Edge Of Glory", "Government Hooker", "Yoü and I", and "Scheisse".


The album is number one everywhere from France, Germany, Australia, Japan, Sweden and Switzerland through to Ireland, Denmark, Canada, Italy and Greece, as well as the US and UK.


Moreover, Judas is currently number eight in the UK, and in the top ten in France, Japan and Spain.Other Gaga tracks, including Hair, Born This Way and The Edge Of Glory, are in iTunes top tens in the US, Sweden and Portugal.


Also,Lady Gaga is the only artist in digital history to have a total of 22 tracks on the US Top 200 iTunes chart!Finaly, 'Born This Way' album sells more than 95,000 copies in U.K, 45,000 copies in Japan and goes GOLD in Singapore in its first day of availability.