May 9, 2021

Debbie Harry Is A Fan Of Lady GaGa

Although Lady Gaga has caught the eyes and ears of many celebrities, Gaga recently received an endorsement from Blondie singer Debbie Harry who admitted to being a fan of Lady Gaga.


According to ContactMusic, from what looks to be from a BANG Showbiz interview, Debbie Harry is now a fan of Lady Gaga after Harry revealed that she likes the impact that Gaga has on the music scene in America.

"Gaga is truly talented and slightly mad," said Debbie Harry. "I find her encouraging. It's such a conservative period in the US. We have even had attempts at censorship, which I find appalling and terrible." Given the current state of music in America, Debbie Harry feels that Lady Gaga is exactly what the country needs. "Artists like Gaga are necessary during periods like this."