June 24, 2021

DJ White Shadow talks to MTV about future Gaga plans

Lady Gaga is hard at work. Lady GaGa is already coming up with ideas for 2012's Born This Way Tour and even thinking about her next album. When MTV News caught up with pal and musical collaborator DJ White Shadow, he talked about what the Haus has in store for GaGa.

To be specific,he stated the below: 

She's doing preparation for the next round of touring, and she's always doing 25,000 things in a row," he told MTV News last week when he stopped by to chat about the opening of Gaga's pop-up holiday shop at Barneys. "But I think the main focus for her after this season is going to be prepping up for the show, touring new songs for the record."

Gaga has hinted that she'd like to get Elton John on this next record (during her 2011 Jonathan Ross interview), but, right now, anything goes around. DJ White Shadow  who has worked with Gaga extensively on Born This Way, including on the tracks "Born This Way" and "Americano" — is ready to create anything for GaGa,anytime sooner!