May 9, 2021

DOGG Sends First Open Letter To Lady GaGa Via ©Writepublic

On Wednesday  December 28, Dream Of GaGa was the first 'little monster'  to open & exclusively present you the special page that © 2011 Writepublic, LLC put online for Lady GaGa's fans.The excitement for this some kind of 'collaboration' is enough huge to announce you that from now and on you will have the chance to write and share in public your desired letter with Lady Gaga as a recipient.This is pretty cool,instead of using twitlongers or facebook notes and so on…

Every letter will be gathered in an ONLY one page and truly likely Mother Monster herself  may check some of these!!*We strongly suggest you to start writing your letter now and start publishing!

Write an Open Letter to Lady Gaga!