February 28, 2021

Dolly Parton Talks About Lady GaGa

Dolly Parton would love to sing with Lady Gaga.

The country music star she can see echoes of herself in the Edge Of Glory singer’s over the top performances. The 65-year-old explained that she used to be considered outrageous because she was a female artist in a male-dominated world and wasn’t prepared to shrink into the background.

"I’d love to sing on one of her records – wouldn’t that be cool? I was outrageous long before she was. I dressed crazily before she was even born. I can definitely relate to what she’s doing," Dolly told Elle magazine. "I didn’t do this with the idea of pushing boundaries. It just so happened that I was a woman. I felt I had a lot of talent and as much right to use it as any man."