June 18, 2021

Dream Of Gaga Proudly Presents You The ‘BTW’ Album DOGG Edition

Given the massive success of Lady Gaga's BORN THIS WAY, the team at DREAM OF GAGA decided to launch our own edition of the album, which will contain videos, bonus tracks, remixes and acapellas of the original tracks. The tracks were compiled by (Joshua Bradley), who loves Gaga with a passion and initiated the idea of the album. In order to get the discs you will need to use WinRAR that must be used to extract and then view the files. (follow the below instrustions)

We hope that this album, which is free for download digitally, will satisfy all monsters, who just can't get enough from the original BORN THIS WAY.

-Get the disc no.1:

-Get the disc no.2:

-Get the disc no.3: