June 18, 2021

Dream Of GaGa Signs Collaboration With #1 Lesbian Network

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On Saturday March 19th, Dream Of GaGa, led a creative bissexual & lesbian team meeting through WWW, to collaborate on fighting for BI & Lesbian rights, no matter what…. http://www.chickahoo.com/ is the newest and biggest network for lesbian and bisexual women (and… open-minded people).The excitement for this collaboration is enough huge to announce you that during the pass of time © 2011Dream Of GaGa & Chickahoo will bring amazing stuffs, for every little monster out there who will join the beta..


The collaboration will deliver new products that mix the best of “Lady GaGa'' with lesbian monstrous era.We want to share with you amazing ideas that will help others understand how important equality is nowadays!Cause remember…..WE WERE BORN THIS WAY