April 22, 2021


Lady Gaga is bringing her artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball Tour expierence, in Athens, on 19th of this September! The most of the ‘dreamofgaga’ crew, live in Athens and they are about to meet and delive her our little ‘ARTPOP’ gift, exactly one day before the concert. That ARTPOP gift, will be a nicely made of love and fan messages book, the ‘Do What You Want’ book. The title was given in order to create a place, a shelter, for all little monsters where they could express the ‘shit that makes them wanna scream’ & write whatever they want, feel, or do, so Mother Monster herself could know. This is happening and if you wanna share your free thoughts, pictures & other stuff, with Lady Gaga, you can submit NOW, by following the instructions below:

1)  Be sure you vote for the rising young Greek singer ‘SCAL’ (dream of gaga supports young artist SCAL), who is about to be Lady Gaga’s opening act singer at her artRAVE show in Athens, Greece. Head in this link: http://www.jumpingfish.gr/SCAL and then press the purple button which says VOTE in greek: ‘ΨΗΦΙΣΕ’.  You will have to be signed in facebook at the very first time, to make this step succesful. Then come back here again. Be sure you screenshot this action & send it as a private message on http://facebook.com/dreamofgaga for real proof of this step.

The purple button, will look like this^ . This is the one you press!
The purple button, will look like this^ . This is the one you press!

Listen to SCAL’s cover for ‘Do What You Want’, for your pleasure, while you are submitting for the fanbook!

2) After voting for SCAL, be sure you ‘like’ Dream Of Gaga on facebook:

3) Send your own submission, by filling up the ‘Do What You Want’ form below:

(Language: Only English)

(Submissions until 31/7/)