March 4, 2021

DreamOfGaGa & Huge Celeb Gossip Website, Collaborate For GaGa

The Dream Of GaGa team has the huge honor to announce you, that our website has just made a deal of collaboration with one of the biggest celebrity gossips website on net, 'Celebuzz'!Celebuzz its not only about Lady Gaga,is about everything and everyone.A website with amazing resources for everything on any celebrity who walks on this planet.

Moreover,our collaboration starts with the huge idea of  Lady GaGa stories by Dream Of Gaga's expertise.Celebuzz is willing to include a prominent link back to our site and Facebook/Tweet the post that we contributed to,but on the other side Dream Of GaGa will keep regarding the 5 Facebook/5 Twitter Celebuzz promotions monthly.Also,readers will have the chance to check out awesome content relative to Lady GaGa,straight to Celebuzz-straight from Dream Of GaGa posts-sources.

Finally,we have to notice that little dreamers will catch a RSS 'celebuzz' feed to our sidebar,which features some interesting topics relative to celebrity world.

Closing,Dream Of Gaga and Celebuzz would like to 'drink' to a strong partnership!Enjoy..