May 7, 2021

DreamOfGaGa Suprise Gift Contest

Hello little fellow monsters!We have decided to make a gift contest of something very special from GaGaloo’s music life.We have exclusively decided to create a contest for you..For you that we love soso much!So.In this contest there will be 4 rounds!So that means that finally there will be 4 winners of each round!The only thing you have  to do in order to participate in this contest, is to make a drawing,painting,or generally a creation made by your hands with any ways, for our mother monster,Lady GaGa.Be sure that after you finish your creation you take a picture with it with your real faces so every stuff for this contest to be reliable and true!After you take  a pic with yourself along with your creation about our mother monster, be sure you send the photo to this e-mail so we can receive them and check them out!The 4 best of the drawings will be published here on the main site one each round showing its time and the winner.Will you be the winner?..

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(P.S Be sure you send us on our e-mail, your twitter account as well, so we can know you, for any contact)