July 28, 2021

Exclusive DOGG Interview With Edward Vigiletti

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Little monsters, DreamOfGaGa had the chance to meet and talk with Edward Vigiletti.!Edward Vigiletti is the person that Lady GaGa has featured him once when she had setted a shoot of him as a twitter layout, time ago!Well,during this meeting DOGG interviewed Edward asking him some fun stuff!Also,in the interview you will understand that Edward isnt considering himself as an impersonator of GaGa!More stuff about him in the EXCLUSIVE DOGG interview below:

(Edward’s answers with the pink colour)

1)What do you consider your greatest achievement to date working on what u are?

Getting to know myself. Throughout the whole journey no matter how short it’s been I was constantly seeing how far I would push myself out of my box. Recently I did something huge.

2) What is your nationality and/or religion?

Im Heinz 57. And as for my religion, I believe in the Universe.

3) Where would you most like to live?

The worlds I dream of.

4) What are some qualities you most like you?

Upfront, honest and to the point.

5) Have you ever been in love?

Yes to a girl. Actually kind of miss her…

6) Which words or phrases do you most overuse?

I can’t get “that’s great” out of my head!

7) Which talent would you most like to have?

I wish I could draw. I have all these ideas going through my head but I can never really get them out on paper. It’s frustrating.

8 ) Your favourite song and why?

What an impossible question to answer.

9) What kind of person annoys you?

People who aren’t themselves. Every time I go to a party or club I feel like it’s a just big audition.

10) How people face you, when they meet your talent impersonating gagaloo?

Surprised that I don’t impersonate Gaga.

11)Your best outfit you have wore till now ?

This piece I wore that looked like a giant flower. The shot we got was amazing.

12)Who is your favorite fictional character?

Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) in American Psycho. I just found him so sexy.

13)How many hours per day does your work takes place on ur life?

My mind never turns off.

14)With one word, how would u describe your work?


Also,we would like to thank Edward for his decision to answer to our fun questions & for making a pic with the logo DREAM OF GAGA in his arm!As for you little monsters hope you enjoyed the interview and made some conclusions for great Eddie.


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