July 28, 2021

EXCLUSIVE: DreamOfGaga.com interviews Lady Gagita

Dream of Gaga is honoured to exclusively interview Lady Gagita from the Philippines. Gagita has been producing amazing parody videos of Gaga's past and present hits, ranging from "Bad Romance" to her upcoming, "Judas". His "Telephone" parody was what made Gagita famous, but he prefers dubbing his latest video for "Born This Way" his favourite. Gagita is extremely popular over various social networks, including Twitter and Facebook. His "Telephone" video previously garnered over 1,800,000 views and was featured on YouTube (Though it was taken down shortly due to copyright issues).

Below, we have posted a 4-question interview with Gagita herself about her videos and how she handles the fame she's gained over her videos.

What inspired you to make parodies to Lady Gaga videos?

-My dreams and Lady Gaga inspired me to make parodies. I have this vision of being a star someday, and all those vision had come true. Lady Gaga helped me a lot, because of her all my dreams have come true.

How long does each video take to make?

-It takes a week for me to make the costumes, a week to shoot the video and a week to edit all the footage. In short, the video will took a month to be completed.

How do you handle the fame you have gained through your videos?

-It's not simple to have the fame, because you need to accept the viewer's criticisms, both positive and negative, though that scenarios can't be denied as a Youtube superstar.

Which is the favourite video you have made thus far, since your first ever Gaga parody video?

-Though Telephone is the video that changed my life, but I prefer Born This Way to be my favorite video that I have made, because it's been the start of something new: new video camera, new video editor, and I was able to explore more wonders of the technology, but nevertheless, I have not changed my style from the way I was discovered before which is being resourceful and innovative.

Thank you for reading this exclusive interview between Gagita and Dream of Gaga!