May 7, 2021

Exclusive: Jey GaGa Poses For Chile Rolling Stone Mag

Click the picture above, to enjoy Jey|GaGa in full size!

The double official lady gaga impersona from Chile, Jey|GaGa, has just been photoshooted, for a place in the official chile rolling stone magazine, and we have the pleasure and proudness to be the first who will premiere in publicity this Jey GaGa pic for this rolling stone issue!Jey|GaGa has so much showed to us her support as well as we have showed her our love and support till now and we will keep like this!She is a great monster with a great talent!So thank you Jey for making DreamOfGaGa the first site premiering your epic photoshoot in that magazine as well as thank you rolling stone magazine for choosing Jey\GaGa to pose for you!xoxo