January 16, 2021

Exclusive: Little Monsters speak about the ‘Yoü And I’ music video!

Little Monsters exclusively speak to Dream of Gaga about their opinions on the 'You and I' music video! The music video was released today,  2 days ahead of the planned premiere. The video features Gaga, Jo Calderone and Yüyi the Mermaid. The video has received mostly positive responses, and below, you can read the responses of many fans on Twitter.

Fans on Twitter commented on the Video:

@___RonnieBitch – just a word: AMAZING!

@xNutellaMonster – THE MUSIC VIDEO IS FUCKING AMAZING. IT WAS TOTALLY UNEXPECTED. From the running scenes to the sex scenes, it is nothing but pure fabulosity.

@GagaWorshipper – Yoü and I is the coolest Gaga's video for me. I love her black dress + her shoes. And the Gaga and Jo scenes are fuckin amazing.

@StrongMonstah – I LOVE IT!!!! It really shows how Gaga just fights for a world of uniqueness where every1 is trying to be as unique as possible!

@vickypetrova – so damn amazing. Everything is so nailed out, the details of the video, the message, everything. Amazed. <3


Dream of Gaga members:

Jim, the Admin – 'You and I video represents by the same token two meanings.Fantasy+Reality.Two elements that Lady GaGa herself has stated that she lives in.Moreover the You And i video includes amazing costumes and what makes it epic is the fact that many characters i would call 'GAGARICATURES' appear for one mission..Yuyi,Jo & GaGa respect each other,love each other and they are proud for theirselves.Finally,the video shows us the GAGA we all knew.The ultimate GAGA.Everything in that video its amazing.Every details is what makes the difference there.!Its her best from the BORN THIS WAY era.':D

@ISpeakGagaTense (Editor) – The video says so much about how much Gaga loves taking risks, and pushing the boundaries. I'd never expect such a video from Gaga, and I would easily agree that this is the best video for this era to date. The video lives halfway between reality and fantasy, and what I love most is how Gaga openly deals with the hermaphrodite rumours, by posing as her alter ego, Jo. In my honest opinion, YAI is the best Haus-directed video to date.

Thank you to all monsters who helped!