May 7, 2021

Falguni and Shane Peacock to design for Lady Gaga

Mumbai: Indian designers Shane and Falguni Peacock are over the moon as they have just got the news that pop singer Brandy chose to wear their ‘neo-age design’ outfit to this year’s American BET (Music and Entertainment) Awards. Not just that, rock icon Ozzy Osbourne’s new video is featuring two of their futuristic outfits.

Hot on the tracks of this, Shane and Falguni say there’s something else— designing for singer Lady Gaga. “Can’t reveal much but that we’ve got an approval and sent sketches across. With her, you can really go all out on creativity. Think funky, in a futuristic kind of way…it’s going to be fun.”

“It’s very thrilling,” says Falguni, who’s been on the international turf before, her digital printed dress having been worn by actor Naomi Harris (Pirates of the Caribbean) at this April’s BAFTA awards and well-known Israeli actor Golan sporting her feathered creation.

This time around for the Peacocks,it’s a trend that is close to their heart that has bowled over the music stars. “It’s a whole futuristic look. In fact, that is what’s huge on the international map and it’s going to set the ramp aflame here too,” she says, adding, “the garment that Brandy chose was part of our London Fashion Week Line. It’s very cocktail-ish — a long dress that has a sporty feel with a new print on cut-out technique.”Falguni informs that the outfit made a great impact on the singer. “She just loved it,” smiles Falguni. For Osbourne too, it was a similar look that had the rockstar’s stylist hooked. “One of the pieces is a chantilly lace bodysuitand the other, a peacock bodysuit — beige with feathers and lots of metal rings and sequences, — it’s a very happening look abroad and it’s sure going to stay here too,” she says.