July 29, 2021

Fashion Icon Lady Gaga Launches Jewelry Collection



Rodrigo Otazu, a native Argentinian who is famed among luxury jewelry designers, is collaborating with pop star Lady Gaga to create a visionary line of jewelry. Ever since she stepped on the scene Lady Gaga has been revered for her iconic fashion sense and outrageous style. Together with Otazu and creative director Nicola Formichetti, Lady Gaga will help to create a film for the Paris Fashion Week runway.

Lady Gaga will be outfitted in top fashion design and luxury accessories, custom made by Otazu, during the film which is rumored to feature a sub-Saharan post-apocalyptic type terrain. However, this is not the first time the three have collaborated. In 2010, Formicetti, Gaga, and Otazu constructed Gaga’s controversial meat dress. Otazu designed the bedazzled beef clutch and other jewelry for the outfit.

The Lady Gaga collection features six Swarovski crystal necklaces which possess a tribal like quality. The line can be worn either together or separately.