April 19, 2021

First Lady Gaga Scene, From ‘American Horror Story’ Premiere Episode

Prepare to get the chills!

The very first photo of Lady Gaga as The Countess on ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ is finally here and it’s giving us the creeps! Gaga sure makes for one haunting hotel owner…

Who’s ready to check into American Horror Story: Hotel this fall? While co-creator Ryan Murphy has been teasing a few clues about what to expect, he also revealed the very first still of Lady Gaga, 29, in her haunting role as The Countess on Aug. 28. Let’s just say it’s Gaga like you’ve never seen before!

Lady Gaga is that you? Ryan tweeted a shadowy still of the “Bad Romance” singer in full costume from the first episode. “The Countess is bringing back The Turban in a major way,” Ryan tweeted. Hmm.. is there a reason she’s wearing a turban? Could she be hiding something? (Hey, you’ve got to question everything on AHS.) Either way, one thing’s clear — she sure gives off a spooky vibe!