June 24, 2021

Four Lady Gaga Songs Enter The ‘Top 50 Hit Song Lyrics’ Of All Times

UK's number one music radio station CAPITAL FM, publishes a list with the top 50 hit song lyrics of any music genre  within the music industry.Lady Gaga's lyrics are always original and powerful, so it isnt a surprise that four songs from her 3 studio albums are listed, there!

According to music critics and experts,

  • Bad Romance from (THE FAME MONSTER) is ranked with no.8 in the #top50 list.
  • Telephone  from (THE FAME MONSTER) is ranked with no.12 in the #top50 list.
  • Born This Way from (BORN THIS WAY) is ranked with no.22 in the #top50 list.
  • Paparazzi from (THE FAME) is ranked with no.38 in the #top50 list.

Congratulations to Miss Gaga!!!