July 28, 2021

GaGa Has An Admirer In Queen Designer Zandra Rhodes

Freddie Mercury’s costume designer and Lady Gaga? Sounds like a match made in heaven! Zandra Rhodes, the woman who used to collaborate with the late Queen frontman, would like to work with a new flamboyant singer—Lady Gaga.

The British designer told Vogue UK she likes how Gaga puts her own spin on things and envisions putting her in a transparent kaftan and doing

“something quite extraordinary with her.” In the event Gaga did pop by for a fitting, she says:

If she did ever want me to design her something, I’d do what I did with Freddie Mercury and Queen – I’d just get her to come over and she could pick out the sort of thing she fancied and I’d work with that. It’s all about seeing how something moves. She could try a few pieces on and we could go from there.

Freddie Mercury’s costumes by Zandra are iconic, including the white batwing cape he wore on stage. We’d love to see what a Zandra and Gaga designed outfit would look like!

Source:/StyleBistro Blog/