May 7, 2021

Gaga May Be Next Tea Spokesperson

It seems that the tea industry has finally caught on to the Lady Gaga fever. A bidding war has begun to see who will get Gaga’s support for their brand of tea. Let the bidding battle begin!

We’ve all seen Lady Gaga with her little tea cup and saucer. Sipping her tea elegantly as if it were normal that everyone carries their own tea cup and saucer around. Don’t you?

Unlike everyone, though, Lady Gaga is being offered millions of dollars to possibly be the spokesman for a major tea brand. Who wouldn’t want to sip tea for cash? We sure would.

So far, English firm Twinings is in the lead. The firm has offered her a multi-million pound deal including Lady Gaga’s very own oriental tea flavor. This is a gimmick of course to attract fans and others to drink it up.

A source had this to say to The Sun Newspaper: ‘Her management have received a load of offers from major tea companies but Twinings are the frontrunners.

‘They want to launch a new tea with her face on it. Names like The Taste Of Gaga are being batted about. The idea is to have tasting sessions in which she would participate.

‘The tasters are coming up with a tea with an oriental flavour. They want to market tea to a new, younger generation – particularly in America. Gaga is making drinking tea cool again.’

As if we weren’t bombarded by advertisements enough, now we must see the Gaga on our favorite drinks.

Would you drink ‘The Taste of Gaga’ tea? We’ll pass.