July 29, 2021

GaGa reaches 11 Million Little Monsters

We reported earlier that Lady GaGa was on her way to being the first Twitter user to reach 11 million followers and just around an hour ago, Mother Monster broke that record with over 11 Million Little Monsters now following her.

Not only this, but GaGa was the first twitter user to reach six, seven, eight, nine and ten million followers and today has once again broken her own record by being the first user to reach 11 million followers.

The only other person to get close to surpassing GaGa's twitter reign is Justin Beiber who has just over 10 million followers.

Lady GaGa tweeted: "#11MillionMonsters. You always cheer me up. #TwitterQueenLovesSubway. Turkey and Swiss w Jalapenos on Whole Wheat Salt n’ Peppa Oil Vinegar."

Now, onwards and upwards to 12 million.