May 9, 2021

Gaga reveals ARTPOP deluxe edition tracklisting and bonus DVD

Lady Gaga has revealed that the contents of the deluxe edition of ARTPOP.

The deluxe edition features 2 CDs, the first of which includes the standard 15 tracks.

Disc 2 will be a bonus DVD featuring Gaga’s full iTunes Festival performance at London’s Roundhouse, which includes performances of ‘Aura’, ‘MANiCURE’, ‘ARTPOP’, ‘Jewels & Drugs’, ‘Sexxx Dreams’, ‘I Wanna Be With U’ (retitled ‘Dope’), ‘Swine’ and ‘Applause’.

Those who pre-order ARTPOP from Amazon before 11:59pm November 11th will also receive their copy featuring limited edition foil packaging.

Gaga tweeted: “FUN FACT: The first 500,000 physical copies of ARTPOP are crafted with LADY GAGA + ARTPOP cut out of hot pink metallic foil + silver foil. The foiling represents the true design of the cover as imagined by the artist Jeff Koons, who hand collaged the typography himself.”

Pre-order the deluxe edition of ARTPOP, out November 11, on Amazon.