May 7, 2021


  • It's clear Terry Richardson and Lady Gaga share a unique bond as a pair of creatives, but we almost wouldn’t be upset if the pair became a couple, as long as it meant

a continuous look into the inner workings of Lady Gaga's life.

After releasing a book together that chronicled Lady Gaga's tour during her time of extreme mystique and colossal fame, Terry has shot a number of celebrities for big name magazines, but somehow always comes back to an intimate look at Gaga.

The bond was made even clearer between the pair when Lady Gaga tattooed her head in honor of Richardson's mom following her passing. Terry is back behind the lens to capture Gaga once again as she embarks on a new chapter gearing up to the release of her new album, ARTPOP.

Could this be the making of yet another book?