March 4, 2021

Glitter TFM:A Lady GaGa ‘Monstrous’ Theatrical-Musical Project

Glitter: The Fame Monster is a theatrical musical based on the stuff  of Lady Gaga, written by playwrite and journalist, Mr. Chris Melvin. Gaga’s methods and style are so theatrical already , it only seems natural that Gaga joins the ranks of ABBA’s “Mamma Mia”, Queen’s “We Will Rock You”, and Green Day’s “American Idiot”. This musical is written by a Little Monster, which makes it the perfect physical manifestation of Lady Gaga’s inspiration and empowering messages.

Glitter has been pitched to Gaga’s management in the form of an art book, and discussions with Universal Music Group and Sony ATV have taken place. However, it is up to Gaga’s management to make the final call. The creative team over at Glitter are hoping to create a fan base to show that people are in fact interested in this venture.

Chris who is the author, is already at work on a sequel to the musical based on songs from Born This Way. On his choice as to why he’s starting with The Fame Monster, he says that “Although Born This Way is undoubtedly an instant classic.

The Fame/The Fame Monster era is just a poignant in Gaga’s career – that was where she began.Besides GaGa should firstly kill 'The Fame Monster' in order to enter into the Born This Way era.In addition, The  Fame Monster was so dark,strong and is still keeping showing its teeth,reminding us its existance!

Stay tuned for a special teaser video which will include a synopsis section of the plot. For further information on the musical and the upcoming video, follow @GlitterTFM on Twitter.



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