June 24, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving Little Dreamers!

Guess what?!?Its THANKSGIVING today!!!Dream Of GaGa would very much like to wish you a happy thanksgiving day,with lots of stuffed turkey and Gaga music all day long!We are extremely happy to announce you that we must thank you for the reasons below:

800 'Likes' on our Facebook page

32,700+ followers on our Twitter

93,000 views on our Gallery

-the huge support that we daily receive with our Marry The Night promo page!

We mostly like to thank our readers from the USA and Indonesia because they are the most common visiters to our dream.At last we would mainly like to thank our daily visitors from all over the world and of course Lady GaGa for being the reason that we are all united with love,art and peace!

Dont forget, to watch the ABC special with Lady GaGa tonight 9:30PM ET/8:30pm CT because its going to be a very gaga thanksgiving!