July 29, 2021

‘I Can’t Wait To Come To India’—Lady GaGa

Recently, B-town music composer duo, Salim-Sulaiman was offered to recreate Lady Gaga’s hottest album ‘Born This Way’ in a desi style. The Indian music maker’s, well known for their terrific melodies, accepted the proposal and remixed the song in such a way that Lady Gaga was quite awed with their work. Impressed with the desi version of her song ‘Born This Way’, the American crooner said that she was desperate to come to India and work with the Indian musicians as well. In an exclusive conversation with the media, Lady Gaga said, “I can’t wait to come to India. When Salim-Sulaiman sent me the track, I connected with the dhol and rhythms very well.


They’ve done a fabulous job. It’ll be great to meet and work with more musicians like them.” About the remixed version The latest remixed version of Lady Gaga’s newest single ‘Born This Way’ is only a four-minute track. “Sitar intro, dhol beats, dubstep and background voice of Salim and Lady Gaga’s vocal flair” is all what the recreated song consists of. This desi remix of Gaga’s song will be included in her “second studio album of the same name” and it is scheduled for a global release on May 23.


Source: http://www.totalfilmy.com/