July 28, 2021

Indonesia Needs GaGa!

This time we are bringing you an article relative to some fanatics monsters..Monsters that they are from beautifull Indonesia and who support GaGa till death..We owed to do this post, as we promised to Indonesian monsters (via twitter) to make a post for them, as they need to show how much do they love Lady|GaGa.In our process to show to Indonesian little monsters, how much do we love them in association that they support DreamOfGaga.com a lot, we started to make a Trending Topic on twitter, some hours before this hashtag-> #indonesianeedsgaga .We have the pleasure to state you that we had so many tweets in this issue (including us, that we supported indonesian monsters) and while this process of making a TT, indomonsters (i cant tell names cause there are so many and we may forget to call some of them:), showed us their love and support telling the best for us!In conclusion, we didnt make it, to trend #indonesianeedsgaga , even though GaGa knows how much every fan from all over the world does  love her, but we still had to make this post expressing our thank us to these Indomonsters as they really touched us with their words.We love you Indonesia and ever other monster!GaGa will be so proud for you!<3-Jim

Oh..and dont forget to submit your art for Lady Gaga HERE!

(P.S,We are not indonesian, but we support indonesian little monsters till death!We will always be with you!:)