May 9, 2021

Interview: Lady Gaga Shares Her Love For Hip-Hop Music

Describing her as “the lady at the center of fashion and pop culture,” marketing wiz Steve Stoute interviews Lady Gaga for his “Tanning Effect” series with a focus on her relevance to hip-hop.

Lady Gaga on hip-hop’s influence on her music,told:

“I think it was always the lifestyle of hip-hop, the sort-of celebration of decadence is the cherry on top of success. After you eat shit in the industry for so long, once you make it to the top you bring all of your friends with you and you celebrate. That was always my favorite thing about my favorite hip-hop artists. In fact, it influenced me so much that when I would be interviewed early on in my career about my success; and I would be so confident about it, so forthright about it—people would say, “Well, she’s this female pop singer. She’s from New York. She’s [22 years old]. Why is she talking like that?” But I was raised through music watching and idolizing these people that come from the streets or worked from the ground up. I thought, “Well, if you really worked for it—which I did—you should emulate that sort of gratitude.”

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