January 25, 2021

Is Lady Gaga Attending & Performing Kim Kardashian’s Wedding?

Lady Gaga was spotted lunching with the Kardashians in Santa Barbara on Friday. Rumor has it that not only is the You and I singer attending the wedding, but that she is also performing! Now that's huge!

"The entire Kardashian family were eating with her around noon today. They sat in the patio area for an hour and a half. Lady Gaga was wearing a red poncho and a black hat. She sat between Kris Jenner and Khloe. At one point she even had baby Mason on her lap," an insider tells Hollywood Life.

If Gaga goes to Kim's wedding, it's going to be big news. It seems a little strange that the Kardashian clan would have lunch with her the day before the "big day" if she wasn't attending/performing, doesn't it? The wedding is only hours away, so everyone should be hearing about the details later on. Do you think Lady Gaga is performing at Kim's reception?