July 28, 2021

Jackie Evancho & Willow Smith Would Love To Sing With GaGa!

-Willow Smith:, in a radio interview Monday, gushed her admiration for Lady Gaga to DJ Envy on NY’s Power 105.1, as reported by Celebuzz.

“[Someone] I would really want to work with on a song would be Lady Gaga […] She is amazing! She’s just so amazing, she’s a free person. She’s a free girl, baby.”


-Jackie Evancho:, 10-year-old opera prodigy that has become famous said to Oprah:

…..“Lady Gaga,” she said. Oprah noted that performing with Ms. Gaga would indeed be a different musical “genre,” but she thought the young singer could make it work. And a 10-year-old singing opera with the meat-dress-wearing Lady Gaga sounds pretty good to us.”